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Gambe Chic (“Golden Legs”) draws inspiration from the natural elements that characterise our island, such as the mud, the thermal spring waters, the volcanic sand and our aromatic herbs. All completed by the use of a Venus Legacy machine. Gambe Chic has been developed to produce an immediate result after just five days.

The Treatment:

- Following medical consultation at out spa, the cycle will start with: deep lymph-drainage sessions, which will provide immediate relief, improving your blood and lymphatic circulation. The first benefit will be a reduction in that unpleasant swollen, heavy sensation.

- This will be followed by the application of cold mud packs with curative herbs from our garden, which will produce a toning effect on vascular walls, thanks to the phytoactive properties of the plants. - Walks on the sand and foot reflexology will help to stimulate the vessel-specific energy points and return circulation. - Lastly, the Venus Legacy applications will reduce the circumference of your thighs, improving the appearance of cellulite and leaving your legs slimmer and more toned.