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In It Happened Tomorrow (1944), the famous film directed by René Clair, the main character magically receives tomorrow’s newspaper and discovers all the events that are about to happen in the near future.This section of the site keeps you informed about the Hotel San Montano and Ischia, with news, previews and interesting facts, making sure you are aware of our plans in advance.

What's new?

How about a pizza?

As of this year we decided to offer a genuine food proposal for all our guest.  Pizza with Seaview!

Our pizza is simply created with different flours, masterfully mixed to create a tasty, scented, light dough, always hand made.

There is no fixed rules, just based on ancient gestures and variable flour combinations according to gluten quantity, strenght of flour, humidity and external temperature.

Margherita, Varulo, Biancofiore, La Zagara are just few of our pizza’s signature with local ingredients to create the real Italian flavor.

Don’t forget to ask to Salvatore the “ I wish” Pizza. You will decide your own topping and cooking while watching how to make Pizza with seaview!