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Why book on the official website of the San Montano Resort & Spa

Our Resort is a place of beauty and wellness. A place surrounded by nature, that lives in the light of summer, with the strong colors of the Mediterranean and the sound of the sea coming from the Bay during the windy days. We are constantly working for you, to make this place special, our path is towards an ideal of harmonious beauty that makes your holiday an unforgettable experience. Our customers are special, because this is a special place. When you book directly on the official website ,we know that you are particularly appreciating our work , you are giving us trust , even more. Your holiday born here, on this island, on this hill overlooking the sea, under the benevolent shadow of Epomeo. Here we produce the beauty, so you choose to book with us.


… About our booking online
To manage our reservations we use a software of international importance: Vertical Booking ( When you make a reservation on the address bar you read (...)
 ( (...)

Whatever problems you have with a reservation you can always contact us. And if you have booked on our website will be even easier for us to find a solution to meet your every needs, but we would make it anyway .


More ... about our promotions: Our rates vary between a minimum and maximum value during the tourist season. More early you book , more you save. All portals partners who resell our resort are contractually obliged to guarantee the same prices for our customers. If you find a better rate on a portal partners, tell us , we will guarantee you the absolute best rate because the San Montano is our job: Some discrepancies may be caused by technical errors, but we will guarantee you the best rate.

About the special non refundable rates: Non-refundable rates: save up to 25% compared to the rate of the day. the discount depends on the availability of rooms and the advance with which you book. More early you book, more you save! Always remember : the "non refundable offers" require the full prepayment of the reservation. Reservation cannot be changed or canceled. It is "non-refundable" About the reservations including 15 August On the 15th of August the rates are inclusive of Gala Dinner Extra charge: 80 euro per person, tax included).

Ricorda sempre che le offerte non rimborsabili prevedono il prepagamento totale della prenotazione. In caso di modifica, cancellazione  o mancato arrivo non danno mai diritto al rimborso.

Alcune Tariffe Speciali sono presenti periodicamente sul sito, queste ultime sono disponibili solo per i clienti privati e danno vantaggi, in termini di sconto, modalità di pagamento e cancellation policy che variano periodicamente.

More about our loyalty program. Our Loyalty Program started in 2014 and for seasons 2015-16 is still under test. They were distributed some codes that give access at a preferential rate for those who have stayed at San Montano Resort at least once. This code must be requested at the front office and will be periodically changed. The new code will be sent via a newsletter. Currently we are still in a testing phase: You can also apply for membership to the newsletter to The code is only valid for private customers is using our booking software. They are excluding agencies and tour operators and any other intermediary.

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