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Beauty Body

Back to the Spa center Rates in Euro
Pure performance back - back cleaning 75' 100,00
Sacred nature body with full body massage - nourishes and protects the cells   120,00
New Spa experience body treatment with full body massage - shaping and atioxidinsing 40' 120,00
Full body firming treatment with firming massage 30' 120,00
Hot sauna slimming wrap   70,00
Drainig mud wrap   50,00
Ice gel wrap for tired, heavy swollen legs   50,00
Leg and abdomen - body contour - treamtent with draining mud and partial sculpting massage 25' 90,00
Body treatment with anti-cellulite slimming mud and partialy lymphatic massage 25' 90,00
Leg treatment with cold mud   80,00
Three phase leg treatment ( scrub, cold mud and partil lymphatic drainage)   100,00
Total scrub peeling   60,00
Partial scrub /pelling   45,00
Natural push up - plant hormone breast and cleavage firming treatment   70,00
Spa hand treatment   40,00
Spa foot treatment   40,00
Venus Legacy body contouring treatment   150,00
Venus Legacy Cellulite reduction   150,00
Venus Legacy circumference reduction   150,00
Venus Legacy firming skin   150,00
Venus Legacy Improvement of stretch marks   150,00
Venus Legacy angiogenesis with magnetic pulse   150,00

Golden Legs by Venus Lagacy

Work too sedentary, bad locations in the chair, the absence of physical activity and spend too much time in transportation, they are just a few factors have resulted in heavy legs, hypertension, swelling, heaviness of the limbs, itching.

Disorders, which occur at any time of year, and are accentuated in the summer months especially among those women who, for reasons of work, must stay still many hours or too many hours on the go. The origin of the effect heavy legs there are multiple reasons and aggravating factors that can worsen the symptoms of venous insufficiency.

After two years of discussion and experimentation we are pleased to offer an innovative treatment endorsed by the scientific point of view after the microbiological tests carried out by the University Federico 2 on our waters.

Golden Legs is inspired by the natural elements that characterize our island like mud, the spring water spa, sand volcanic, our herbs; All complemented by the use of a car as the last generation Venus Legacy.

Golden Legs was developed to give you immediate results after just 5 days. Consulting your doctor at our Spa, the ciclco shall start with: the deep lymphatic drainage that will give immediate relief, being able to improve blood circulation and lymphatic already within the first few sessions.

The first benefit will be the reduction of the unpleasant sensation of swelling and heaviness. Subsequently will apply compresses of cold mud with healing herbs of our garden, these exercise a toning vessel walls thanks to phyto-active principles of plants. Walking on the sand and plantar reflexology help stimulate energy points vessel-specific and circulation return often lazy and slow. Finally, applications with Venus Legacy, machine generation lipolytic and anti-edimigena, reduce thigh circumference, improving cellulite getting so toned and slender legs.

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